Terms of payment

Credit card

Payment for products purchased on the Site can be made by credit card directly through the Site. Kintsugi Srls accepts credit cards from the VISA, Mastercard, Maestro circuits. At the time of the transmission of the order, Kintsugi Srls will debit the total amount due from the user to the payment circuit. Eventually the customer can decide whether to save the data of his credit card to make them more easily available in case of future purchases; the methods of storing data relating to credit cards can be consulted in the Confidentiality rules section. The user can, at any time, revoke the authorization for the reuse of credit card data for subsequent purchases, by accessing his / her personal account. Kintsugi Srls relies on the secure payment services provided by Banca Sella with the MyBank system, which provide for the use of Verified By Visa and Mastercard Secur Code security protocols. Confidential credit card data are encrypted and thus transmitted to the manager of the payments.


Payment for products purchased on the Site can be made through PayPal. If the user chooses PayPal as a means of payment, he will be redirected to the site of the service provider where he will pay for the products according to the procedure provided by PayPal itself. The data entered on the PayPal site will not be shared or transmitted to Kintsugi Srls, but processed directly by the same payment service provider.

Stripe and Visa, Mastercard credit cards

All operations involving the transmission of personal or banking data are carried out using a security environment through the Stripe platform.
Furthermore, the credit card details are entered directly on Stripe (payment gateway) and are not registered in any Kintsugi Srls server.
Proceeding to pay by VISA or MASTERCARD card through the Stripe platform, the following data will always be requested: card number, expiration date, and a Validity Code that coincides with the last three digits of the number printed in italics on the back of the VISA card o MASTERCARD, thus offering more guarantees in the security of the transaction. This payment method is valid only on the web.
Paying through Stripe accounts allows you to transfer money over the Internet safely and comfortably. Learn more about Stripe: www.stripe.com

Bank transfer

Payment for products purchased on the Site can be made by bank transfer. The bank details for making the transfer will be indicated both at the time of selecting the payment method and in the order confirmation e-mail. The payment of the Products by bank transfer must be made no later than 5/6 days from the date of the order. After this deadline, the contract can be considered terminated by law. In case of payment by bank transfer, the shipment of the products will be made only after the receipt by Kintsugi Srls of the transfer. Consequently, the delivery terms of the products will run from that date. – Purchases for amounts exceeding 3.600, oo Euro In consideration of the provisions of the law (article 21 of Legislative Decree 78/2010), for purchases exceeding 3.600, oo Euro, an invoice will be issued. Therefore, at the time of the transmission of orders over € 3,600.00, if the data are not already in the possession of Kintsugi, the latter will ask the customer to provide the purchaser’s VAT number and / or tax code, together with any additional data necessary for the correct invoicing of the goods.

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